NCQA Certification and URAC Accredited

Provider Enrollment

By definition, provider enrollment is the act or process in aiding a provider to be enrolled with a managed care organization. Provider enrollment credentialing can be customized to include basic service of populating applications or comprehensive services to include populating forms and securing managed care and government provider numbers and routine follow up. Remove the administrative burden and minimize the financial impact by outsourcing your provider enrollment function to Credential America. Keep your finger on the pulse of your enrollment status while in process with the various plans, actions taken and next contacts planned. We are confident Credential America will prove cost effective as you consider outsourcing your provider enrollment needs.

Credential America offers a premier provider enrollment service which will complete the paperwork for you, provide the credentialing organizations with updated copies of documents as requested and follow-up with health plans on initial credentialing until your provider is credentialed.

The advantages of outsourcing to us are:

  • Expedited application completion
  • Applications are thoroughly reviewed for completeness and accuracy to avoid rejection from the managed care organization.
  • Using our automated state-of-the-art software, we are able to monitor your managed care progress and provide timely follow-up phone calls to the credentialing organizations and document those conversations for reporting purposes.
  • Do not compromise quality for value. The cost of outsourcing your provider enrollment is well justified when considering the money lost by not getting credentialed in a timely manner or losing privileges.

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